Management Systems' Certification

We, the management, the members of the steering committee, the technical experts as well as all the auditors of QS Zurich AG and AMY International - QS Zurich AG Licensee, declare our absolute impartiality with regard to the performance of tasks assigned and entrusted to us by the QS group.

We have all signed an appropriate independence Charter, so that full and verifiable impartiality is assured at all times and can be guaranteed and demonstrated to our customers at any time with regard to all activities both for and on behalf of the company and our customers. Thus possible situations involving conflicts of interest can be recognized early and avoided in time.

Our own quality management system, which we have introduced and maintain, assures complete impartiality at all stages and in all our areas of activity - i.e. from the initial inquiry to the issue of our QA certificate.

The strict requirements imposed on us regarding impartiality by virtue of the standards required of certification companies are stipulated and specified in the recently applicable ISO standard 17021:2006. The implementation of and adherence to the stringent requirements of this standard in our company are regularly monitored by the Swiss Accreditation Office (SAS) and QS Zurich AG.

The measures for assuring impartiality are amongst the terms of our General Terms and Conditions of Business. These can be downloaded via the following link:

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